Our History


Create Bikes is a London based company which works completive, creatively and on an International Level.

Create will be leading the way by developing the products that will give the existing market a shock. We will continue Createing new concepts on all our bicycles whilst continuing to deliver value without compromising on quality.

Fixed geared bikes are the scourge of modern bicycle fashion, in fact fixies are beginning to epitomise fashion. In this fast moving world where fashion is playing an increasingly more important role in setting and reflecting culture and tastes it is essential to develop products which can not only keep up with the pace but stay ahead of the game. Create has succeeded in doing just that. With their expertise Create Bikes have long fulfilled the demand of leading cities such as London for the fixie fashion bike by making it much more accessible, affordable and desirable. The essential fashion accessory!

Create Bikes has built on this success and is now truly an international brand, available in over 25 countries and expanding still. By uniting its distributors in the Far East with its distributors in the West, Create Bikes has been able to share ideas and inspiration from all around the globe, thus making the Create brand more cutting edge in both design and development.

Create Bikes belief is that just as fashion evolves to meet the demands of the world so must other products. We work hard to Create new designs, new colours and fresh ideas whilst always maintaining our goal to deliver great value to our customers.